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About me

Growing up, I was the only girl and the baby of my family. I wanted so much to be like my brothers and do everything they did. My parents even have a picture of me covered in Calamine lotion grinning from ear to ear because I got the chicken pox, just like my older brothers! As we all got older, my family realized I had the uncanny ability to have things go the way I wanted. So they lovingly dubbed me "Queen" and gave me the nickname QueenLaur. So when I decided to make a blog my brother suggested the name QueenLore. I thought that was a great idea(even though I'd never admit that to him). Queenlore Creations was born! 


I have made Texas my home for the past 13 years but I am originally from Canada. I doubt I will ever get used to the Texas heat but the winters sure are nice! I am a former Dental Hygienist now turned stay at home mom/wife. I have a house full of crazy guys and some terribly spoiled pets. Being the only female in the family, my creations tend to be on the more masculine side but I do like to get girly once in a while so that I can add some sparkle and bling. When I need to escape the loud and sometimes chaotic house, I head to my craft room for some peace and quiet. My other passions are reading, ancient history and travelling. I hope you enjoy my blog and have a crafty day. Thanks for visiting!

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