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Family Awards Night, I-Crafter Release

Hi Friends, it is release day at I-Crafter and there are a lot of fabulous new sets to get your creative side going! When I saw the Ribbon Rosette, Funny Add On I thought it would be fun to have a family award night and give everyone a sassy/funny ribbon. I had a blast coming up with each award ribbon and chuckling to myself remembering the reason for each ribbon.

The first one I worked on was for my youngest. This was hands down the easiest as he is a total prankster and sometimes the timing of his pranks is not the greatest. Therefore he gets the "Trouble Maker" award for best prank. Really, he does come up with some awesome ones!

For his ribbon, I chose fun, bold patterned paper from my stash. I then die cut the elements for the ribbon using the Ribbon Rosette die set. I cut the "trouble maker" center using the new die from the Funny Add on Set and the circle die from the Ribbon Rosette die set. I die cut the words "best prank" using the Carly Alphabet die set. I used double sided foam tape behind the back of the "trouble maker" circle. Below is a great tutorial video on how to put together the ribbon rosette.

Next came my oldest son's ribbon. His was also an easy pick because being a young adult, he has realized that being an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be. He's often complained about the difficulties of "adulting". He gets the Adulted Today ribbon because I remember a particularly tricky time he had fixing a problem he had with his washing machine. I used the same assembly process for this ribbon and Carly Alphabet for the letters as the previous ribbon.

My last funny ribbon award is for my husband. He has problems getting to sleep so sometimes its a struggle for him to get out of bed! This ribbon is for those times when he gets out of bed even though he is still tired and would LOVE to sleep in.

I wanted this ribbon to go with my other ribbons so I chose colours that would go but also work with the theme of the ribbon.

I think having a family award night is going to be a fun and different weekend activity. I cannot wait to see their faces when they receive them! Thanks for visiting. Come back for part 2....I still need to make my own award!

Here are my links to the products I used:


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